The proposed hire will support all aspects of direct tax matters – regulatory filings, maintaining records, deferred tax calculations, prepare various tax and accounting reports, handle additional administrative matters related to customer compliance with lease agreements with respect to timely information. Handling tax queries, audits, assessments, working with internal and external stakeholders and cross functional teas.

Handling financial and accounting systems; processes; and financial reporting, budgets and MIS.

Supporting internal and external audits.


1.      Income Tax compliance and positions

·     Direct Tax filings including Income Tax, TDS etc.

·     Prepare tax reports in a timely manner

·     Support accounting in the tax matters

·     Review tax payments

·     Deferred tax working and reports

·     Handle tax audits – internal and departmental; filing of responses and represent before the authorities

·     Follow up to tax advisors on various tax matters including tax filings, tax audits and review draft responses to the tax office; manage overall relationships

·     Provide regular updates on tax matters.

·     Support CFO on tax positions and formulation of tax strategy

2.       FP&A support

·     Support preparation of Monthly and Quarterly operating reports and its analysis

·     Support preparation of budgets and forecasts

3.      Accounting and financial reporting

·     Support critical accounting activities such as lease classification by collection of data and analysis, support internal and external audits (statutory and tax audits);

·     Prepare various financial reports including drafting of financial statements and GATX specific reports

·     Support accounting research and policy

·     Preparing and updating critical processes and policies.

4.       Other accounting and regulatory work, including preparation and review of documents, reports, follow ups etc.


Job/Work Environment Characteristics:

  • Extensive interaction with other departments and service centers to resolve problems that arise
  • Special projects as they arise
  • Take initiative to get things done



  • Education:
  • Level of Education (i.e. some college, Bachelors, Masters, etc.):

Graduate with chartered accountant certification (member of ICAI / passed final exams).


  • Area of Concentration (i.e. Finance, Marketing, Computer Science, etc.):

Tax, Finance and Accounting matters


  • Type and Amount (# of years) of Experience and Knowledge in priority order (experience relates to what someone has done and knowledge relates to knowing about something or how to do something).
  • Experience:

3 to 5 years of experience in relevant areas – post completion of CA; candidates from MNCs preferred.

  • Knowledge:

Proficiency in MS-Office applications

Knowledge of basic accounting concept and direct and indirect taxation

  • Basic knowledge of concept of leasing
  • Ability to interpret financial statements
  • Ability to prepare various tax filings


  • Key Competencies in priority order
  • Results Oriented – resolve problems and find solutions
  • Adaptability
  • Building positive working relationships
  • Able to do multiple tasks accurately
  • Team player
  • Detail oriented


  • Other:

How will success be measured in this position:

  • Error free and timely filings of tax returns
  • Providing details during audits
  • Identify process improvements

Communicate clearly and professionally

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