Assistant Manager – Design & Engineering


Position Purpose:  The primary responsibility of this role will be to support the GIPL and GATX Engineering and design team by providing support in the areas of design, structural analysis, project management, and engineering support in executing rail wagon designing, modifications and/or repairs.  Provide field troubleshooting services in cases involving structural or component failure and other operational issues. This position reports to DGM/Design/ GIPL






Key Job Activities


% Time Spent

  1. Provide support in creating railcar wagon designs and carrying out structural analysis on projects involving rail wagon design and modifications. 
  • Solid,3D and FEA modelling
  • Analysis using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and fatigue and fracture mechanics and have sufficient knowledge in materials as well.   
  • Compile and communicate analysis results in a concise and clear manner to both a technical and non-technical audience through technical writing and verbal presentation. 
  • Lead or participate in on-site field trips in order to evaluate and obtain necessary design information of existing equipment.
  • Work with regulatory authorities such as IR/RDSO during design review phase to ensure compliance with design requirements.
  • Participate in working with railcar manufacturers to get new design prototypes built per created design. This involves traveling to production plants as required.





  1. Provide support to project management for projects involving rail wagon design evaluation, modification and/or repair. 
  • Coordinate project activities and communicate with suppliers, customer service, fleet execution, fleet maintenance and external India RDSO repair centers to ensure project execution wherever required. 
  • Evaluate rail wagon equipment, developing instructions and drawings for necessary modifications, ordering material and maintaining corresponding equipment records.
  • Managing multiple projects from conceptual design to the production phase – managing resources, budgets and timelines.





  1. Carry out on-site inspection, field troubleshooting, and evaluation of rail wagon structure, specialty components and other equipment affecting rail wagon operation. 
  • Examine of structural failures, equipment problems, product contamination issues, and general railcar operating problems.
  • Use test equipment on rail wagons to troubleshoot railcar performance issues. 
  • Utilize both field data and engineering analysis to determine root cause analysis and verify repairs and/or modifications to rail equipment, develop the modification drawings/instruction
  • Work with the RDSO to implement design solutions to GATX wagons.
  • Evaluate design and integrity of rail wagons being considered for acquisition. 




  1. Act as the technical / analytical resource to GIPL and GATX Design Engineering.
  • Consult with and support GIPL management on mechanical analysis in areas such as equipment evaluation, failure, repair integrity and equipment safety.
  • Perform ad-hoc, miscellaneous mechanical analysis on an as-need basis, including hydraulic analysis, dynamic analysis and materials research, in support of commercial interests
  • Provide oral presentations on various projects, equipment and technical issues to inform management as required








In addition to providing support to GIPL, this position will interact with GATX Design Engineering, Sales and Fleet management.  It will provide support to:

  1. Customer sales and Fleet Management by providing technical analyses and consultation to determine if particular rail wagons are suitable or can be made suitable for customer needs and market demands. 
  2. Rail fleet maintenance by providing evaluation of wagon designs, repair and maintenance procedures with regard to asset life, safety, compliance and necessity. 


The incumbent will work with the RDSO/RITES/IR nominated design agencies to solicit approvals and determine the best way to implement them. 


Education and/or Experience required:


  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical or Structural Engineering with 5-10 years of work experience.
  • Experience with rail wagon design, shop operations, sales support, and regulatory compliance will be desirable. Additionally, knowledge of RDSO, and Association of American Railroads (AAR) regulations pertaining to railcar design/operations is highly desirable.
  • Ability to read and understand mechanical drawings.
  • Finite Element Analysis, preferably with ANSYS. Minimum 3 years of FEA experience.
  • Experience in using FEA software for fatigue analysis is highly desirable.
  • 3D CAD, preferably with Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD. Minimum 4 years of experience with CAD modeling.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite Software.  Minimum of 2 years of experience using Microsoft Excel to solve analytical problems.


Key Competencies (non-technical behavioral skills, i.e. presentation, negotiation, customer service skills), in priority order.  Select from “key competencies for job descriptions” list:


  • Good communication skills - must be able to communicate topics of a technical nature to a non-technical audience, including internal and external customers, shop personnel, suppliers and regulatory agencies
  • Time Management – must be able to balance time and focus between project management and mechanical analysis. 
  • Self-Starter - this position requires a very motivated self-starter whom is willing to take complete ownership of the role as structural analyst. 
  • Adaptability – must easily adapt to different project work and customer requirements
  • Organizational skills – must be well organized, detail oriented and manage time effectively
  • Customer focus - must develop customer relationships by making the effort to listen and understand the customers’ business.
  • Fluency in both English and Hindi is desirable


Other (i.e., physical requirements, travel, etc. that is not covered above):

  • Moderate to heavy travel as necessary to visit repair facilities, customers and attend industry meetings.
  • Must be physically able to climb on rail wagons to inspect damage and repair work.




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