Pressure Differential Wagons

Bogie Fly Ash/Cement/Alumina Wagon ‘BTFC’

The BTFC wagon is a pressure differential wagon designed to carry alumina, cement, and fly ash. They are equipped with a fluidized side discharge system that can discharge the cargo directly into silos, thus obviating the need to have bottom discharge pits. These wagons can carry approximately 64.1 tons of cargo and have a volumetric capacity of 67.47 cubic metres. There are 50 of these wagons in one rake.

  • Pressure differential wagons are inducted under Liberalized Special Freight Train Operators (LSFTO) scheme of Indian Railways.
Détails de produits
Commodity Alumina, Cement, Fly Ash
Tare Weight 27.5 t
Carrying Capacity 64.1 t
Axle Load 22.9 t
Volumetric Capacity 67.47 m3
Length Over Couplers 12,720 mm
Unloading Pressure Differential Pneumatic Discharge

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