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Flexible Leasing Options to Meet Your Unique Needs

Owning and operating rail equipment since 1898, we have a deep and nuanced understanding of the rail industry. We combine our substantial industry knowledge with flexible financing options to fit your specific needs.

Our leasing options range from full-service leases with fixed- or utilization-based rates to net leases with no maintenance component. Our expert team is available to help determine the best leasing type for you.

Value of Operating Leasing

As an integrated lessor, our operating leases give you multiple benefits:

Capital efficiency


Risk Transfer

Leasing at GATX Rail North America

You can choose a full-service lease, in which GATX Rail North America services the cars for most maintenance and regulatory compliance activities and your service team coordinates railcar shopping events. Or, you can choose a triple-net lease if you’d rather handle maintenance and compliance on your own.
Most GATX Rail North America operating leases are “fixed rate”—as long as you don’t exceed your mileage allowance or incur any maintenance not covered by your full-service lease, you’ll pay the same fixed amount every month. Some leases, however, are “utilization-based” and payments are made by the hour, mile, trip, or other measure. Not all utilization-based lease structures are available in all situations; your GATX Rail North America Account Manager can discuss which structures are available for you.
Triple-net leases of locomotives are very similar to triple-net leases of railcars. If you want a maintenance-inclusive lease, however, the terms of a “contract maintenance lease” of a locomotive are generally different from a “full-service lease” of a railcar. Talk to your GATX Rail North America Account Manager if you are interested in a contract maintenance lease of a locomotive.

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