Providing the best experience for our customers is one of the top priorities for GATX Rail North America. We pride ourselves on our exceptional service, a vital differentiator from our competition. Our commitment to service is demonstrated by continuous investments in our maintenance facilities, our technology, and our people.
Our Focus on Customer Experience

Making it easier for our customers to operate their railcar fleet

Our Service & Support Teams

Our full-service efforts go beyond leasing and maintenance. Through our unmatched expertise, our extensive industry knowledge, and our unparalleled service, we aim to make your leasing experience second to none.

Provides customers with real-time maintenance information and fleet management capabilities. Don’t have a login? Contact your Account Manager or Account Solutions Lead.
Shop a Car
Shop any of your railcars by filling out one simple form via MyGATXRail.
Gauge Tables
Determine how much of a specific commodity can fit into a specific tank car.
Maintenance Reporting Forms
Easily report any maintenance done on our railcars outside of our service facilities.

*Disclaimer: Customers should not perform unauthorized maintenance on GATX railcars. If you have any question about what is or is not authorized by GATX, please contact us.
Customer Training

We know that quality maintenance and operations require specialized knowledge, skills, and experience. So we’ve used our extensive experience to develop our unique TankTrainer program for our customers and emergency first responders.

Since 1993, the GATX TankTrainer™, a one-of-a-kind rolling classroom, has provided thousands of customers, rail and yard workers, first responders, employees, and more with hands-on training for tank car operation and safety.

The TankTrainer™ mobile classroom is a 33,500-gallon tank car outfitted with a variety of fittings, coatings, and configurations. Trainees can access the interior and top of the tank car for experiential learning. Our skilled instructors lead training sessions in a climate-controlled classroom car that accompanies the TankTrainerTM.

Responsible Care
Responsible Care
Interested in learning about our commitment as a Responsible Care Partner?

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