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Tank Cars

Alloy Tank Cars

Specialty / Acid / Alloy Tank Cars Chemicals, Fertilizers, & Plastics Renewable Energy

Alloy (stainless steel, aluminum) tank cars are used to transport assorted specialty chemicals. We supply alloy tank cars in a variety of capacities and configurations, such as stainless steel cars for acetic acid, caprolactam nitric acid, and other high purity applications. We also offer aluminum cars for various commodity services including hydrogen peroxide.

Alloy tanks are required for certain industrial chemicals because there are no rubber or spray-applied linings resistant to these products.

Product Details

Standard Capacity (gallons) <23,000
Stencil Class DOT111A100W-6
Coils / Insulation Coiled / Insulated
Non-Coiled / Non-Insulated
Standard Configurations 1" or 2" air connection
2" or 3" eduction pipe
4" or blocked off bottom outlet valve
Commodities Acetic Acid, Caprolactam, Nitric Acid, and other high purity commodities

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