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Flatcars & Intermodals

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Shipping cars, trucks, and vans requires specialized equipment, which we offer in our fleet of specially designed automotive flatcars. These cars are equipped with an enclosed superstructure for transporting finished automobiles.

Capacity ranges from up to 12 large sports utility vehicles or vans with our bi-level equipment to 18 compact automobiles with our tri-level equipment. Our enclosed autoracks transport vehicles of all sizes in an efficient and secure manner.

Product Details

Standard Configuration Consists of a flatcar and an autorack superstructure semi-permanently attached to the flat car
Design Bi-Level
Number of Vehicles Bi-Level: 8-12 vehicles
Tri-Level: 14-18 vehicles
Transport Types Bi-Level: Larger automobiles
(trucks, suburbans and excess weight vehicles)
Tri-Level: Smaller vehicles
(sedans, station wagons, and crossover vehicles)
Clearance Limit Bi-Level: Phase II (Plate K) 20'2" clearance limit
Tri-Level: Phase I (Plate J) 19' clearance limit
Commodities Automobiles

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