Flatcars & Intermodals

General Purpose Flatcars

General Purpose Flatcars Consumer Goods Forest Products, Lumber, & Panels Metals & Metallic Ores Nonmetallic Minerals

Our general-purpose flatcars are versatile railcars that can be equipped in numerous ways to carry a large variety of products. They are typically used for shipping commodities such as lumber, steel products, wind blades, machinery, and miscellaneous building products.

Our bulkhead flatcar is equipped with 10 ft bulkheads that are designed to prevent product shifting in the direction of travel. The 89 foot flat typically has nailable steel floors and can be configured with many different load securement specifications depending on each customer’s requirements.

Product Details
Nominal Capacity / Gross Rail Load 220,000 lbs
263,000 lbs
286,000 lbs
Standard Design Elements Cables/winches
Chain Anchors
Side-stanchion slots
Container pedestals
Standard Configurations Flatcars equipped with Bulkheads
Flatcars without Bulkheads
Industry-Standard Length: Bulkheads 52 feet
62 feet
Industry-Standard Length: Standard 64 feet
89 feet
Commodities Pipe, Pilings, plate steel, windmill blades, machinery, etc.

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