GP 2,000

The GP38-2 utilizes a 16 cylinder 645E engine along with a solid state dash 2 control system. This locomotive can be utilized in both over the road and switching applications, where additional tractive effort is required over a typical switcher.

Product Details
Horsepower 2,000
Axle 4
Tractive Effort @ Min. Cont. Speed 55,000 lbs. @ 10.7 mph
Length Over Coupler Pulling Faces 59 feet, 2 inches
Distance between Bolster Centers 34 feet
Truck-Rigid Wheel Base 9 feet
Width Over Grab Irons 10 feet, 3-1/8 inches
Height Above Rails 15 feet, 4-7/16 inches
Wheel Diameter 40 inches
Fuel Capacity 1,700 to 3,600 gallons
Engine 16-645E, 16 cylinder, roots-blown, GM Diesel
Main Generator AR10 Alternator
Traction Motors Four D77/78 direct current
Standard Gearing 62:15 gear ratio
Weight Total loaded weight on rails average 250,000 lbs.

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