GATX 60' HC blue boxcar

High-Capacity Boxcars

High-Capacity Boxcars Agricultural Products Automotive Products Consumer Goods Food & Beverages Forest Products, Lumber, & Panels Paper, Pulp, & Fiber Products

50’6” and 60’9” high-capacity boxcars are the larger Plate F, 286,000lbs GRL version of the 70T standard boxcar. The high-cube, high-capacity car is equipped with a nailable steel floor to help secure dunnage and two 8′ centered plug doors on each side (60’9” car) or a 12′ centered plug door on each side (50’6” car), which allows for a watertight seal where necessary. The 60′ car provides additional cubic feet of loading space for lighter loads, as compared to a 50′ car. Similar to the 70T standard, this car has the ability to move a variety of bulk commodities and can be configured with various interior loading devices such as belt-rails or moveable bulkheads to secure loads.

Product Details
Nominal Capacity / Gross Rail Load 110-Ton/286KLB
Door Width 2x8' opening
1x12' opening
Door Type Plug (watertight seal)
Underframe Cushioned
Interior Length 50'6"
Plate Diagram (vertical clearance) F (17' above rail)
Standard Options Nailable steel floors
Lading securement devices
Commodities Freight of all kinds, canned goods, paper, lumber, pulpboard, beer, salt, bagged flour, automotive parts

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