Insulated Boxcars

Insulated Boxcars Food & Beverages Paper, Pulp, & Fiber Products

Insulated boxcars provide additional protection from extreme temperatures during transit. Plug doors are designed to supply a watertight seal and better temperature control inside the car. These boxcars are insulated to protect from extreme heat during the summer months and extreme cold during the winter months. They can also be configured with various interior loading devices.

These boxcars are typically used for products that require stringent temperature control during transit, such as wine, cheese, beverages, and other food products. However, they can be used for freight of all kinds.

Product Details
Nominal Capacity / Gross Rail Load 100-Ton/286KLB
Door Width 1x12' opening
Door Type Plug (watertight seal)
Underframe Cushioned
Interior Length 60'3"
Plate Diagram (vertical clearance) F (17' above rail)
Standard Options Nailable steel floors
Lading securement devices
Commodities Freight of all kinds, wine, cheese, beverages, food products

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