Other Boxcars

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GATX also owns a variety of other boxcars, which can come in 50’ or 60’ interior lengths, with multiple door configurations, plate clearances and loading capacities. These boxcars have the ability to move an assortment of bulk commodities and come with various interior loading devices such as belt-rails or moveable bulkheads to secure loads. Should a high-capacity or 50’ standard boxcar design not meet the specific needs to ship your product, other boxcar configurations can be identified to ensure your shipping requirements are met.

Product Details
Nominal Capacity / Gross Rail Load 70-Ton/220KLB
Door Width 2x8' (16' total door opening)
1x10' opening
1x12' opening
Door Type Sliding
Plug (watertight seal)
Underframe Cushioned
Interior Length 50'6"
Plate Diagram (vertical clearance) B (15' above rail)
C (15'6" above rail)
E (15'9" above rail)
F (17' above rail)
Standard Options Plain steel floors
Nailable steel floors
Lading securement devices
Commodities Freight of all kinds, canned goods, paper, lumber, pulpboard, beer, salt, bagged flour, automotive parts

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