Tank Cars

Small-Capacity General Service Tank Cars (<20K)

General Service Tank Cars Chemicals, Fertilizers, & Plastics Food & Beverages Metals & Metallic Ores Nonmetallic Minerals Paper, Pulp, & Fiber Products Renewable Energy

We have general service (GS) tank cars that are suitable for hundreds of different commodities. Most of our small-capacity GS cars are equipped with an interior lining for product purity, especially to resist high pH levels for caustic products such as sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) or potassium hydroxide (caustic potash).

Our 16.3k and 17.8k gallon GS tanks have stainless trim, top and bottom unloading and coils to heat the product.

Product Details
Standard Capacity (gallons) 13, 500 to 19,000 gallons
Stencil Class AAR211A100W-1
Coils / Insulation Non-Coiled / Insulated
Exterior Coiled / Insulated
Standard Configurations 1" or 2" or No air connection
2" or 3" or No eduction pipe
4" or 6" bottom outlet valve
Interior Lining
Commodities Clay Slurry, Limestone Slurry, Molten Sulfur, Corn Syrup, Molasses, Caramel, Fruit Juices, Dextrose, Titanium Dioxide, Caustics (Sodium hydroxide or Potassium hydroxide)

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