Open-Top Hoppers & Gondolas

Small-Cube Open-Top Hoppers & Gondolas

Open-Top Hoppers & Gondolas Metals & Metallic Ores Nonmetallic Minerals

Our small-cube open-top cars are suited to transport commodities such as industrial minerals, crushed rock, limestone, gravel, and some grades of sand. Our gondolas are all steel-bodied while the small-cube open-top hoppers have steel or a hybrid (aluminum/steel) body. The hoppers can be equipped with manual or pneumatically operated doors.

Product Details
Nominal Capacity / Gross Rail Load 286,000 lbs
Standard Capacity (cuft) 2,400 to 2,600cf
Floor Design Manually operated doors
Pneumatically operated doors
Exterior Steel body
Hybrid (aluminum/steel) body
Standard Configurations Non-rotary couplers
Commodities Aggregate, Limestone, Bulk Commodities, Iron Ore, Gypsum, Crushed Rock

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