SW 1,500

GATX’s standard switching locomotive, the SW1500 utilizes a 12 cylinder 645E engine which produces 42,250 lbs. of tractive effort at minimum continuous speed. This model, along with other SW models, are well suited for industrial switching applications.

Product Details
Horsepower 1,500
Axle 4
Tractive Effort @ Min. Cont. Speed 42,250 lbs. @ 10.7 mph
Length Over Coupler Pulling Faces 44 feet, 8 inches
Distance between Bolster Centers 22 feet
Truck-Rigid Wheel Base 8 feet
Width Over Grab Irons 10 feet, 1/8 inch
Height Above Rails 15 feet
Wheel Diameter 40 inches
Fuel Capacity 600 to 1,100 gallons
Engine 12-645E, 12 cylinder, roots-blown, GM Diesel
Main Generator D32
Traction Motors Four D77/78 direct current
Standard Gearing 62:15 gear ratio
Weight Total loaded weight on rails average 248,000 lbs.

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