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Specialty Covered Hoppers for Dry Bulk Commodities

If your shipping needs require specialty railcars featuring pressure differential, air fluidization or sparging, the GATX fleet offers a wide range of solutions to safely and efficiently move flour, corn starch, mineral powder, lime, clay or cement.

  The GATX specialty covered hoppers feature
  a pneumatic pressure system, which unloads
  dry, free-flowing commodities under tightly-sealed
  conditions, and dual quick coupler hoses for rapid,
  clean discharge.


  Options include food-grade coatings and
  capacities ranging from 3,300 to 5,700 cf. Our
  specialty cars are extremely versatile and give users the option of shipping directly to a plant or intermodally.


Car Capacities:

Under 4,000 cf

An excellent choice for somewhat smaller loads.


4,000 - 5,500 cf

If your transportation needs require a larger specialty covered hopper, GATX has several versatile options in this capacity range for dry bulk commodities.


Over 5,500 cf

Versatile large-capacity specialty covered hoppers for dry bulk commodities are part of the GATX fleet of rail equipment.

To select the right railcar for your needs, answer these questions:

  • What commodity are you shipping and how dense is it?
  • What size of car works best for your loads?
  • Is a food-grade lining required?