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Non-Intermodal Flat Cars

GATX offers a variety of flat cars for non-intermodal service ranging in length from 60 to 89 feet, with loading capacities of 70 to 100 tons, and gross rail capacities of 220,000 to 286,000 lb.

   Our railcars are ideal for shipping commodities

   such as lumber, steel products, wind blades,

   machinery, and miscellaneous building products,

   and many can be outfitted with center partitions,

   bulkheads, side stakes, and various tie-down

   mechanisms depending on the cargo.

Additionally, we can modify many flat cars to meet customer needs.


To select the right railcar for your needs, answer these questions:

  • What is the optimal loading configuration?
  • What tie-down and deck requirements must be met?
  • Do you require a heavy duty railcar?