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A Commitment to Responsible Care

GATX is proud to be certified as a partner in the Responsible Care® Partnership Program.


Guided by our operational excellence policy, we maintain the highest environmental, health, safety and security standards. We are dedicated to protecting our employees, contractors, customers and the communities in which we operate.

In the late 1980s the U.S. and Canadian chemical industry initiated the Responsible Care® Partnership Program, a voluntary program designed to improve environmental, health, safety and security performance. The program is open to companies with direct and substantial involvement in the chemical industry, including the transportation of chemicals. As the first U.S. railcar leasing company to achieve certification as a Responsible Care Partner, we are dedicated to continually improving our operations through planning, goal setting and establishing dialogue with our stakeholders. Our participation in the Responsible Care® Partnership Program demonstrates our ongoing commitment to safety in the chemical industry and aligns us with our customers' Responsible Care initiatives.


Improving Health, Safety, Security and Reducing Our Environmental Impact


Our Environmental, Health, Safety and Security Department measures the following five key areas to ensure we continue to improve:


  • Training
  • Incident rate
  • Worker's compensation losses
  • Community involvement and support
  • Environmental emissions, waste generation and energy consumption


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We respect the environment and the communities in which we operate. GATX facilities operate with a goal of no environmental enforcement actions or unpermitted releases. We routinely seek opportunities to reduce the environmental impact our operations, including reducing the use of pollutants in paints and coatings, reducing waste, identifying recycling / reuse opportunities and improving the energy efficiency of our operations. Finally, GATX Responsible Care facilities reach out to community emergency response agencies and neighbors annually to review EHS risk and emergency response plans as part of our Responsible Care Community Contact Program.

We prepare a Responsible Care Annual Report that summarizes our environmental, health, safety and security goals and progress. In addition, we regularly invite third party auditors to evaluate our compliance with Responsible Care guidelines and principles. These reports are available upon request.


Quality Assurance


We provide customers with superior technical support and high-quality railcar maintenance services at competitive prices. We strive for operational excellence by setting standards to measure quality, safety, health, security and our environmental impact. We achieve our goal of operational excellence through prevention, early detection and disposition of non-conforming situations, materials, and railcars. We design our business processes to meet or exceed our objectives for customer success, safety, quality, delivery and financial performance, and we make continuous improvements to our business processes and products. We use the following quality performance metrics to drive improvements in all areas:


  • Non-compliance cars
  • Rejected cars
  • Audit issue resolution
  • Cost of non-conformance
  • Opportunities or improvement