Safety is our number one priority for our employees.
Safety first

Safety is the first pillar of our operations management approach.

To achieve the highest levels of safety, quality, and environmental standards, we:

Tank car safety
Boxcar door handling

As one of the largest owners of boxcars in North America, we are committed to helping boxcar users open and close boxcar doors safely.

Boxcar Door: Safe and Proper Handling

Improperly operating boxcar doors can lead to damage and injury and may create an unsafe condition. In most cases, the door damage and the resulting safety hazard can be prevented through training.

GATX and our partners in the boxcar community recognized the need to offer a resource on how to operate boxcar doors safely. The video focuses on safety, damage prevention, approved methods for opening and closing doors, and how to report door damage. A key theme throughout this 10-minute video is to remind viewers how damage done to a boxcar now impacts future handlers of that boxcar.

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