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Tank Cars

Acid/Specialty Tank Cars

Specialty / Acid / Alloy Tank Cars Chemicals, Fertilizers, & Plastics

Safely transporting acids requires railcars specially designed for the task. We offer cars featuring acid-resistant, high-bake epoxy coatings or rubber linings, as well as special fittings and unloading systems capable of handling a variety of products including sulfuric acid, oleum, ferric choloride, hydorcholoric acid, phosphoric acid, and hydrofluorosilicic acid. Our railcars use product-specific linings and coatings specifically designed to protect tank shell integrity and product purity. Some railcars are fitted with loading and unloading devices on a single nozzle, protecting workers and the environment. Exterior paint is designed to withstand contact to corrosive commodities.

Car Types:
Hydrochloric or Ferric Chloride Acid:
Made of carbon steel but equipped with an interior rubber lining and specialized acid fittings

Phosphoric Acid:
Insulated tank cars with an interior rubber lining

Sulfuric Acid:
Equipped with phenolic interior coatings

Product Details

Standard Capacity (gallons) 13,800
Stencil Class DOT111A100W-2
Coils / Insulation Non-Coiled / Insulated
Exterior Coiled / Insulated
Standard Configurations 1" or 2" air connection
2" or 3" eduction pipe
No bottom outlet valve
Rubber Lined or Phenolic Lined
Commodities Hydrochloric Acid, Hydrofluosilicic Acid, Ferric/Ferrous Chloride, Sulfuric Acid

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