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GATX articulated bulk container (ABC) railcar
Flatcars & Intermodals

Specialty Intermodal Cars

Specialty Intermodal Chemicals, Fertilizers, & Plastics COFC Consumer Goods Metals & Metallic Ores Waste & Scrap

ABC Cars:
The articulated bulk container car (ABC) is a lightweight, articulated spine-type car designed to carry materials in 20- or 40- foot containers; optimal configuration is for 20’ x 5’ containers (double stacked on the ends). The high GRL is appealing given the dense commodities typically hauled in the containers.

4-Position Flatcars:
The 4-position flat car is specially designed to carry four 20’ or two 40’ intermodal containers or ISO tank containers. The car is a spine design and does not have a flat deck spanning the length of the car – containers sit atop container locks that secure them during transport. The cars are suited for lightweight containerized materials like single-stack ISO container movement or municipal solid waste.

Product Details

Nominal Capacity / Gross Rail Load 4-Position Flatcars: 286K lbs

ABC Cars: 424K-429K lbs
Standard Configurations 4-Position Flatcars: 85 feet flat car with container locks to carry 20’, 40’ and ISO-tank containers

ABC Cars: Two articulated 40ft platforms with container locks mounted to the deck in four positions Standard GRL is 424K-429 lbs with a load limit of 353K-359K lbs
Commodities Chemical Service, Containers (intermodal and waste), Contaminated Soil, Sewage Sludge, Municipal Solid Waste, ISO-tanks

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