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The Benefits We Provide

Our commitment to protecting your health begins on day one.

GATX offers several benefits that cover preventative medical, dental, and vision care; helps you meet the high cost of more extensive treatment; and gives you access to high-quality providers in your area.


Health Care

Employees choose the health care plans that best meet their needs. We offer numerous programs and services to help you improve and maintain your health, better manage illnesses, and receive better value for your health care dollars.

Through several different insurance plans, GATX offers employees valuable financial protection during both short and extended periods of disability, along with generous life, accident, and business travel insurance benefits.

Retirement and Savings
Many companies offer employees the opportunity to participate in a 401(k) plan or a pension plan. GATX offers both. GATX Retirement and Savings benefits help you build financial security for your future. Our 401(k) plan helps you  — with support from GATX — build financial resources to supplement your retirement income from our pension plan, Social Security and your own personal savings.

Other Benefits
GATX also extends competitive time away from work through a generous holiday and vacation policy.