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Customer Responsibilities

These items are commonly the responsibility of customers:

Interior repair work:

  • Interior linings and/or touchups, unless otherwise noted in the contract
  • Interior blast for commodity preparation
  • Nitrogen pads
  • Interior oil wipes
  • Interior fabrics
  • Damage due to commodity corrosion

Exterior repair work:

  • Damage due to neglect or abuse
  • Damage due to commodity spillage
  • Damage due to commodity corrosion
  • Replace or repair missing or damaged parts
  • Cargo handling equipment/freight car fittings
  • Special customer requests such as gasket replacements
  • Special exterior paint schemes, decals, or multi-coats above GATX paint specifications (Note: GATX specifications for corrosive service railcars have upgraded paint standards)
  • Improvement orders including, but not limited to, special fittings, upgraded fittings and reconfiguration of cars for special commodities that require engineering expertise.