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Rail Invoices

You will receive invoices from GATX each month for the rental of your railcars.  In addition to the rental charges for leased equipment, you also will find mileage credits and debits on the GATX invoice displaying that month’s loaded and unloaded miles by car, date and miles per move, as well as total year-to-date loaded and unloaded miles. Remember, loaded and unloaded miles are delayed two months because of processing time. For example, the loaded and unloaded miles reported on the April 1 invoice are from January. The empty mileage is not added to the invoice dollar totals, and is only shown as a reference or pacing guide. 


Each time a shipment is made, customers will receive a freight bill from the billing railroad for the agreed upon freight rate for the shipment. Never ship a railcar without first discussing freight charges with the railroad. For questions on railroad bills, contact the billing railroad directly.


Can rent and/or mileage information be obtained electronically?

Contact your customer service representative to have invoice information sent electronically. You also will receive paper invoices. GATX provides rent information in standard EDI format, or in a text file, and will provide mileage information in the standard 500-byte format used by the AAR.

What is GATX's policy on providing information to third-party organizations to audit and/or manage some aspect of our railcar fleet? 

Customers must notify GATX, in writing, about their third-party representation, or we will not provide any information except to the customer. Once notified in writing, GATX provides information to the third party in the standard formats described above. Requests for information in non-standard formats, or for information going back more than two years from the date requested, are reviewed by GATX and may result in a charge to the customer. GATX also reserves the right to deny such requests. 


How do I read a GATX invoice?

For examples of invoices and explanations, click on the links below:


Invoice Cover Page

Rental Invoice Summary

Rent/Mileage Invoice Summary

Rent Detail

Mileage Detail