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GP38 Locomotives

Specifications listed are for standard locomotive models.


The majority of locomotives, other than switchers, in the GATX Locomotive Group fleet are equipped with dynamic braking. Contact Sam Buchholz at 312.621.6542 or sam.buchholz@gatx.com for specific equipment installed on available locomotives.


Horsepower:  2,000
Tractive effort @ minimum continuous speed:  55,000 pounds @ 10.7 mph
Length over coupler pulling faces:  59 feet, 2 inches
Distance between bolster centers:  34 feet
Truck-rigid wheel base:  9 feet
Width over grabirons:  10 feet, 3-1/8 inches
Height above rails:  15 feet, 4-7/16 inches
Wheel diameter:  40 inches
Fuel capacity:  1,700 to 3,600 gallons
Engine:  16-645E, 16 cylinder, roots-blown, GM Diesel
Main Generator:  D32
Traction Motors: Four D77/78 direct current
Standard Gearing:  62:15 gear ratio
Weight:  Total loaded weight on rails average 250,000 pounds. (1/2 variable supplies)