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Safely transporting acids requires railcars specially designed for the task.

   At GATX, we offer cars featuring acid-resistant,
   high-bake epoxy coatings or rubber linings, as
   well as special fittings and unloading systems
   capable of handling a variety of products including
   sulfuric acid, oleum, ferric chloride, hydrochloric
   acid, phosphoric acid and hydrofluorosilicic acid.


Our railcars use product-specific linings and coatings specifically designed to protect tank shell integrity and product purity. Some railcars are fitted with loading and unloading devices on a single nozzle, protecting workers and the environment. Exterior paint is designed to withstand contact to corrosive commodities.

Car Types:


Hydrochloric or Ferric Chloride Acid

These tank cars are made of steel, but are equipped with an interior rubber lining and have specialized acid fittings.


Phosphoric Acid

These insulated tank cars have an interior rubber lining.


Sulfuric Acid

These cars are equipped with high-bake interior coatings.



To select the right railcar for your needs, answer these questions:


  • What type of acid are you shipping and in what concentration?
  • What type of lining or coating is required?
  • What are the requirements for loading and unloading fittings?

  • Are there restrictions on any handling railroad with respect to weight or dimensions?