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Boxcar: Proper Door Handling

GATX is pleased to support a new video by the industry to address the proper handling of boxcar doors.

Door damage is the leading cause of mechanical rejects for many boxcar fleets, and poorly operating doors can cause damage to lading while also posing a safety hazard. In many cases, the damage can be prevented by communicating to customers the proper methods of opening and closing boxcars.

This new industry video has been created to focus on the safe operation of boxcar doors. In this unique animated video, important messages about damage prevention, safety, using approved methods for opening and closing doors, and reporting door damage are presented. A key theme throughout the ten-minute video is that the damage done to a boxcar impacts the next person who is going to use the boxcar.

Railroads, in general, have always instructed customers to never use a forklift or similar machine to apply direct pressure to open or close a boxcar door. This includes dock plates on forklifts, and as the primary cause of poorly operating boxcar doors, the video emphasizes this important point. However, the video goes beyond just that message and explains the working components of the door to show what can be damaged.




  Boxcar Door: Safe and Proper Handling
  Boxcar Door: Safe and Proper Handling (Spanish)